↣ pop scotty fizz (slenderman) wrote in rvb_icons,
↣ pop scotty fizz

SHISNO CAPS: Red vs. Blue Caps Community

Hey guys! I recently started a rather ambitious project of screencapping all of the Red vs. Blue series. I originally made it for the kids on my flist who make RvB icons and banners, but I thought, hey, it might be something useful to share with everyone here as well.

It's shisnocaps, if anyone is interested. I've started off with Revelation (since it's the most recent), but will hop around if requested.

Also, I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this post, since this isn't an icon post, but I figured since it's an icon comm and people need their screencaps, this is relevant enough? If not, it's my bad and I understand if the mod wants to take it down.
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